Manufacturing with Mid-State

Manufacturing Process:

  • Steel is received as roll stock in coils.

  • Overhead hoist moves coil and places on mobile Lift.

  • "Lift" places coil in run position.

  • Stock steel is unwrapped and fed into the MRS Roll Former.

  • Steel is custom-cut to customer order specs, formed and delivered in desired quantity at end of line. (10-20 ft lengths are most common. Capability to 40 ft maximum. Anything longer¬†than that can be done by request

  • Premium Panels are available in 26 colors (29-gauge construction standard). 26 gauge is also available.

  • Textured Steel Panels are available in 10 colors (28 gauge).

  • Trim steel (80 grade) is stocked flat, ready for break-bending to customer specs.